ien RPG Games

Alien RPG Games that Rock

Fun Alien RPG Games have been around for a long time.

Aliens have been popular since the famous Alien Movies series came out.

The RPG games for this theme are mostly paid ones.

This makes it hard to people to try them out first.

If you look over reviews these days can you trust them ?

Too many times companies and dev’s have gamed this to make their product look attractive.

True user reviews are super valuable.

A trick to find out if the progammers are decent is to find another game of theirs and try that.

Free of course.

This will give you insight into their capabilities.

While not a for sure measurement it definitely allows you to say no to the obvious poor ones.

Alternative Alien RPG

An alternative version of Aline RPG Games that I love is not that popular.

It is where you can be the Alien.

You get to try and dominate humans on earth.

Most games that allow this actually make it so you can be either side.

It gives a fun twist to the game.

Effectively making it 2 game sin one.

This is because the capabilities of the Aliens if so different from the humans.

What I’m waiting for is a combination game.

It would have to be smartphone based.

Alien versus Human RPG game

You and your buddy load the same game on your devices.

The Alien RPG Games like this will link together and you can each play a different side.

This is the holly grail of Alien RPG games.

Play together are both humans or Aliens to make it even more fun.

This is not a new concept.

Its just hard to create a fast and fun game that will work this way.

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