Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault

The Calculator Photo Vault has been around for a long while now and more and more people know what it looks like.

While these Vaults work wonderfully well there are a few things to watch for

Calculator Photo Vault Security

Make sure that you have a good security setup for you Photo Vault.

Many people use the phone pin for the vault and that is likely the biggest security problem out there.

Use a strong pin and change that pin at least annually.

Better yet install a calculator Photo Vault that uses your finger print.

These are very difficult to bypass.

The only issue with fingerprint security is if you are asleep or passed out.

Your finger still unlocks the vault in both of these cases, so think long and hard about this.

Photo Storage location

While you do not really want to know more about the technical details of picture storage there are parts that you should think about.

Some photo vaults need to move all pictures to a specific spot to use the photo Vault.

If that happens and you are using a SIM card its likely that the pictures will be moved by the APP.

In addition some photo vaults encrypt the pictures.

Be careful because if you choose to encrypt the pictures then the only way to access them can be paying to keep the APP.

One work around on this is to keep copies somewhere else.

Photo Vault Selection

I choose a Photo Vault that allows me to pick what pictures to add to the vault and what to not add.

If your APP puts all pictures into the vault then it becomes very obvious to everyone that you have a photo Vault.

If its a secret Photo Vault they will still know its there.

It causes people to look for the vault if its this obvious.

Pick a Good smart Photo Vault for your needs and make sure to update your security often.

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