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Dedicated Cloud Hosting Companies

Dedicated Cloud Host

There are many dedicated cloud hosting companies to choose from. The number grows nearly every day as more and more companies offering cloud hosting services come onto the market. Cloud hosting is the process of hosting many customers on the physical hardware of many different servers working as a single unit. It is an extremely …

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Online Data Storage

Online Data Storage is the Future of Data

Online data storage business’s allow companies to offload their data storage capital costs onto outside agencies. Using outside Resources has reduced their storage costs and labor needs. Outside agencies maintain huge banks of storage capacity in servers in secure buildings. Online data storage is not really online, then, as you can see. Cloud storage or …

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Successful Conference Call

Successful Conference Call & 5 Steps that work

Successful Conference Call or calls require planning and organization. Conference calls can be an extremely useful tool, or an annoying waste of time, depending on how they are run. There are some simple steps that can be taken that will allow for a successful, productive conference call. Prepare, prepare, prepare Before the conference call happens, …

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Cell Phone Data: Where is it Stored

Smartphones are everywhere now, but who really knows where Cell Phone Data is stored ? We use them for so many things that we almost forget they are also telephones. Cameras, GPS systems, mobile computers, flashlights, televisions, radios, game consoles, encyclopedias, books. Even clocks, calendars, notepads, compasses, calculators, and a million other things. This powerful …

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