Technology to Help and make our Lives Better

Private Cloud

Companies that wish to provide their clients with private cloud hosting services will need to have more physical infrastructure in the form of servers. That is more than would be needed for general cloud hosting where banks of public servers are used as the basis for the virtual servers. They need to provide additional security …

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Video Conference – How to do it Right

Video Conference The best Business innovations is the Video Conference. The Video Conference is also called Video Link or Video Meeting. Video Meetings are primarily used because they are so easy to use. Their Virtual Nature eliminates travel time for a Meeting. Businesses reduce employee costs and therefore save money. Video meetings use both audio …

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Home Security

Home security has always been a priority for Families. It has expanded greatly into the cities for even singles who are feeling unsafe in the neighbourhoods they can afford to live in. Security Cameras Other than the ‘Security Sign’ the most used Security system deterrent is Cameras, real or fake. It is a fact that …

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Cell phone Tech

Recent Smart Phone / Cell Phone Tech and its growth have caused several significant changes. The Phones Physical Size as well as the explosive usage growth of Smartphones in North America and indeed World Wide. One of the biggest decisions most people make is which cell phone company to start dealing with. Not only does …

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