Clock Photo Vault

The Clock Photo Vault has taken over in terms of popularity.

While this is a boon for the developers it has become obvious that its true popularity is that less people know about it.

Many of the most popular clock Vault shave advanced features.

Photo Vault Security

Having the vault look like a clock is step one in the security features.

Anyone who has the APP knows how to get to the security password step.

This can be a problem because now they know you have a vault.

Some Photo Vault APPS take a time stamped Picture of the user when they enter the wrong password.

While this is certainly a deterrent from the average person it will not help if your phone was stolen.

However if your girl friend is trying to get in you will know it.

Sadly it won’t prevent a confrontation but its better than nothing.

Files and pics

Its an advantage to be able to select what files and apps you want protected.

Many of the Clock Photo Vault APPS allow you to protect and ever expanding quantity of things.

Protect other APPS from being accessed and used.

Beware of using a photo vault that encrypts your information to the point where you cannot access it without paying them.

Photo Vault Gallery

The best Photo Vaults also use their own custom Gallery to view the pics.

Screen shows and views need to be selectable and protected.

You need to be sure a Slide show cannot be started from the photo vault contents.

That would bypass your careful security.

The other important security concern is to ensure your memory card cannot simply be removed and accessed.

You do not want someone to simply load it to their phone and have full access.

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