Contacts Best Practices

The past 20 years has seen a major shift away from the paper contact address book and with that change we happily were able to edit contacts and could say goodbye to the paper address book and all its limitations.

What we didn’t see coming was the new issues which can and have thrown our lives into complete panic and turmoil when all of our carefully typed out and stored list of contacts simply vanished.

It doesn’t matter if the root cause was use deleting things accidentally or if a storage method failed or even if a program update surprisingly deleted our data.

The end result has been a ton of work and even some information irrevocably lost.

Virtual Data Storage

More and More smartphones and Phone Customers are opting for the Virtual Storage Solutions.

This means they do not have to worry about backups for their information.

Moving to a new phone is So Easy that it seems silly to do it any other way.

Loose your Phone or loose your data and someone else takes care of it for you.


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Smartphones and Tablets

With this new age of smartphones, tablets and laptops we have embraced having our contact lists available on all of our devices.

Initially this had proven to be both a curse and a blessing.

We hated that our changes had to be made on all of our devices separately but when one device lost its data we had other copies and it was relatively easy and fast to get it all back.Contact Recovery

So, what to do.

Cloud Storage

The next technology driven improvement has been cloud based Data storage methods.

Cloud Data Storage allows you to save your data directly and not worry about it.

Cloud Storage allows new software to use the same technology and you are again safe and sound.

Networking and multi-device connectivity has resulted in cross platform software.

Cross Platform software updates on one device actually update all devices.

While this is convenient we are back to the age old problem that with our data in one spot.

Compromised Single source data results in loosing it all.

And this time we don’t even have scribbles on paper to use in re-entering all the information.

Software Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular software for email control and setup.

Outlook uses an Email Address Book and merges in the Phone numbers and addresses too.

Microsoft Outlook now gives all contact information available in one spot.

Outlook also allows cross platform setup and now everything on your laptop is available on your smartphone.

Voila, you have an effective method of saving all your contact information without feel of loosing it all.

Sadly if you accidentally delete contacts yourself it is still a much larger issue.

If your girlfriend went thru your phone and deleted all the other ex-girlfriend information off your phone, well I hope you have a little black book stored away for emergencies.

If you lost important data read more here about Data Recovery Solutions