Creating Art with Tech: Animation

At one time, animation was the exclusive domain of movie studios,

but today digital technology allows anyone who is interested in it to create animations.

Traditional animation was basically made by drawing the same picture with minute changes over

and over and then showing photos of the photos quickly enough to make it look like seamless movement was occurring.

Computer technology has given the world of animation a whole selection of new ways to create animations.

There is a huge selection of apps that you can use to create animated art, some of them great for beginners, and others geared towards professional artists. 

Step by Step:

The process of creating a computer animation starts with deciding on the story you want to tell, and then creating a basic script that tells the story.

Next, you need to create drawings of all your characters, and the backgrounds of the story,

and scan them or take photos of them so that you have digital copies of them.

Be sure to save a copy of each original drawing before you start to work on it

in case you need to erase everything you’ve done and start over.

Some animation software is combined with drawing software,

so that you can create your drawings and backgrounds digitally as well.

After all that work, you can take that rudimentary story and use an animation program like Animaker

or Adobe Animate to make your characters move.

Tools in Computer Animation:

The basic tools that the various animation software programs use include things like slow-in and slow-out,

which gives a more realistic look to the movement of characters, and adjustment tools for perspective and contrast.

Using these kinds of tools, you can make your characters and items in their surroundings move in a way

that looks natural by manipulating your drawings frame by frame.

The basic truth about creating animation is that no matter how you choose to do it, it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.