Dedicated Cloud Host

There are many dedicated cloud hosting companies to choose from.

The number grows nearly every day as more and more companies offering cloud hosting services come onto the market.

Cloud hosting is the process of hosting many customers on the physical hardware of many different servers working as a single unit.

It is an extremely reliable system because a physical malfunction of one server – or even more than one – does not adversely affect the whole.

The other servers can compensate for the loss so that the websites hosted on the system are kept operational.

Each company offers its own unique package of services.

It is imperative that you understand clearly what your website needs are and what they might be in the future.

Then you can then choose the cloud hosting company that best provides the things that they need.

Dedicated Email Hosting

While you have almost surely heard of Dedicated Website hosting it is less common to have Dedicated Email hosting.

There are serious reasons for going this path.

Mostly this is a security issue.

Because of that it is almost always companies who opt for Email Hosting.

Dedicated Cloud Hosts

The ten top rated dedicated cloud hosting companies this year are:

Liquidweb, which is the one highest rated by its customers even though it is quite expensive compared to some cloud hosting companies

Host1Plus, which is extremely inexpensive, rated 9.0 out of 10 by users, and has servers in seven different countries

FastComet, is mid-range in price, offers a wide range of customer support services, and has servers in 6 countries

Amazon Web Services, which is not expensive, but offers fewer customer support services than FastComet, although it does have servers in twenty countries. It also offers unlimited space and bandwidth.

InterServer is a smaller company that is rated 9.5 out of 10 by users, is not at all expensive, and offers an average range of customer support services.

A2 Hosting is a little more expensive than interServer, but offers a wider range of customer support services and is rated 9.2 out of 10 by users

There are hundreds of other companies offering dedicated cloud hosting services.

It is up to you to determine what services you need for your website and which company offers those services for the best price.