Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Dedicated cloud hosting is somewhat like private cloud hosting, in that it is a single-tenant cloud format that separates that one tenant from any other client the company has.

It is a hybrid IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) incorporating both physical servers and virtual servers.

It is available with vCHS (VMware vCloud Hybrid Service) along with other services.

Downside to Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated cloud hosting is more complicated than normal cloud hosting in that is requires paying a greater amount of attention to security measures.

As well as regular updates and checks of the security measures to keep them up to date.

A dedicated cloud tenant must be kept completely isolated from other tenants, so that their data never risks being seen by an unauthorized party.

This requires making sure that you are provided with their own security and their own capacity.

You also must ensure that the performance of their computing power is kept at world-class levels.

Who should use it?

This type of service is used most often by clients who require a high level of security for their data, and must not risk having sensitive information accessed by unauthorized users.

It is ideal for clients who are intending to create huge Cloud projects.

That is because it provides plenty of memory and storage capability for large projects and has extra capacity when it is needed.


Dedicated Cloud has the ability to allow clients to create a virtual data center.

Since it offers multiple gateways to the internet it can also allow value-added hosting providers to create separate data centers.

Each Center has its own network and firewall configurations.

Dedicated cloud options are becoming more common, and are available from more companies all the time.

Due to the sheer variety of different types of cloud offerings that are coming onto the market today.

It is possible for a client to find a suitable platform for nearly any application.