Dragon’s Dogma RPG

The Video Game Dragon’s Dogma RPG has been out for a Decade now and still very Popular.

Capcom who is the programming force behind Dragon’s Dogma has enjoyed great success.

The development path they have taken yielded great short term revenue’s and profit.

However it was also shortsighted.

Dragon’s Dogma has only had 3 Releases.

The original Release in 2012 and then a followup release the next year in 2013

They immediately followed the programming trend and worked on an Online Version.

In 2015 they released Dragon’s Dogma Online.

The 10th anniversary response and popularity has shown that they have many loyal players.

Dragon’s Dogma Missed Opportunity

Where the programmers lost their way was to simply move on to other games and projects.

Where is the Mobile Version of Dragon’s Dogma RPG ?

World wide players over the past 40 years have followed Platforms.

Games and programmers who followed the same technilogical advances succeeded.

Once the online version of Dragon’s Dogma was completed and released they should have started the next game.

That game would be for Phones and Tablets.

The problem most gamer companies have is adapting their games to mobile screens and processor capabilities.

Yes this is a challenge.

For sure they would need to alter the game.

But is this not true of every new release in a game series ?

The game changes.

If it is ultimately the same game with minor changes it is not a best seller.

If they had put in the time to come up with a mobile game for 2016 its true it would not be wildly popular.

Moving to smartphones is tuff and the game suffers.

However today they would have a game with loyal followers still.

The game would have changed and become a mobile replacement for the Xbox version.

Capcom would have yet another world class game with huge customer reach.

Not going after this market is what is ultimately killing the game.

It cannot survive the Smartphone wave.

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