Home Security

Home security has always been a priority for Families and now it has expanded greatly into the cities for even singles who are feeling unsafe in the neighbourhoods they can afford to live in.

Security Cameras

Other than the ‘Security Sign’ the most used Security system deterrent is Cameras, real or fake. It is a fact that security cameras which store the images on a hard drive are the most effective and with more and more cameras having advanced options such as motion triggered operation these are becoming far more financially feasible for the average homeowner.

Monitored Security Systems

The monitored Security systems are extremely effective and give the greatest piece of mind knowing that your house and home is under constant watch and should the alarm be triggered there is someone somewhere who will react for us should we be unable to.
While effective it is also the most expensive and this is because of the never ending monthly monitoring fees, however along with these fees come a lot more features and capability.

SmartPhone Link

These days not only can you connect to your Home security System via smartphone, you can also control lights, even some appliances.
This means that when you are out of the city on a business trip you can hook into your home system and even via your house via the security cameras, something unheard of even 15 years ago.

Panic Button

Panic Buttons are mostly being installed by Single women who know that a simple push of a button will bring help even if they were to be physically over-powered and unable to call for help.
Most men do not think about this but with the popularity of the Medical Call buttons it became something that people started asking for more and more.