Offline Data Storage

Offline data storage is a much more security-friendly way to store sensitive data than online storage systems.

Data that is not transmitted over the internet cannot be intercepted on the internet.

You have a lot less worry if your company deals with extremely sensitive information.

Confidential client information is not in any danger of being accessed by unauthorized viewers.

What does Offline Storage Entail ?

Offline data storage consists of any method of storing information that does not use the internet.

This includes USB drives, discs, external hard drives, or even whole banks of servers, if your company is large enough to need them.
USB Stick
When creating your data storage system it is always a good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

If your primary data storage method is internet storage the you need to diversify.

Create a second line of defense by making offline data backups and storing them in a safe place is a wise decision.

You can also choose to build a huge offline in-house data storage system.

If you do this then a second type of offline data storage method that is stored off site is the best way to go.

Potential issues

Many companies are distrustful of online storage systems because they are concerned about the difficulty of maintaining security.

Your concern is well founded because data in transit is always more vulnerable than data that never enters the internet.

You can control who has access to your offline system.

You cannot control who has access to a building full of servers a thousand miles away.

Key Factors

The key to offline data storage is creating a schedule for data collection and the labelling and storage of the discs or USB drives or whatever you choose to use.

Adhere to this schedule and you will always have an up to date data backup.

All of your files will be retrievable in the event of a huge data loss on your main computer system.