Open World RPG Games

True Open World RPG Games are both massive in scope and amazingly fun.

That is fun for most people.

Let me explain.

Most people love the freedom that comes with Open RPG Games.

Go anywhere, do anything.

But that is also the problem.

You see, it is easy to miss the point of the game.

The goal.

We all play games to be entertained.

Much of entertaining games is ackomplishments.

Get the goal done.

Beat the bad guys.

Normal American movie goals.

What does Open world mean ?

An Open World RPG Game is different that traditional games.

Most games have a linear path.

You play in the order and how the designers setup the game.

You explore area’s when they say, and live or die.

Its that simple.

Open World Games are less linear.

You can wander, do different things at different times.

Find things naturally.

It makes it hard to follow the storyline goal tho.

Are you on path or off path ?

Many times the issues on open world games are you cannot tell what needs to be done.

Either to win the game or to progress past the point you are at.

It takes super programming to make these games work.

Games need to pop up hints at a far greater frequency.

Help the players help themselves.

Hints are the new path.

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