Photo Vault Android

In the APP Store searching for Photo Vault Android brings up a wide selection of Photo Vault APPS to choose.

Picking the wrong one can cause issues with your Pictures themselves and the actual integrity of the data.

I looked into Photo Vaults for my android device and which ones worked the best.

Lets consider how to pick the right APP now.

Pick a Free APP or a Paid Photo Vault APP ?

This is always a question when it comes to Mobile APPS.

Most of the time this is done with Games.

Games are easy because you can always play the free version first and if you like it buy the paid one later.

Photo Vaults do not work like this.

In the future I expect to have the more sophisticated APP programmers to offer Free APPS with paid options.

For now this is not the case.

Almost all the APPS are free.

There are pro’s and con’s to this.

If you are using the APP to secure pictures in general and there is not true huge risk if its broken then free is good.

If on the other hand your pictures are more, lets say important then there is more to consider.

Free APPS means

When the APP is free to anyone who wants to see how it works then its easy for people to try it.

This can lead to more and more people understanding how to find out if you use a photo Vault.

If you are not concerned then all is good.

Free Photo Vault Android brings up a wide selection to choose from.

Choose a Free Photo Vault

When you are looking for a Photo Vault there are two main filters to use before reviewing specific APPS to find the one for you.

First make sure there are enough Downloads.

Minimum in these APPS I recommend is 1M downloads.

Less than this and you may be into an APP with issues.

Next look at the ratings for the ones that qualify.

If there is less than 4.0 stars then you need to really like that APP to download it.

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