Photo Vaults are your Private Bank

Photo Vaults

Photo Vaults keep all your images and Pictures safe and secure whether your phone is lost or used by someone else.

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If you loose your phone its okay, the pictures are still secure.

If your kids get on your phone, its okay because the photo vault protects you.

There are many reasons to use a Photo vault.

In today’s online and connected world you need to be sure that your privacy stays private.

So the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Photo Vaults is Why ?

Makes me believe people want them to hide pictures they should not have.

Now perhaps in a few cases that may be true but there is far more legitimate reasons for using Photo Vaults.

Parental Protection of my Children

Like all other parents on the planet I have pictures of my children on my phone.

Now being Web Savy I know that I want to protect my kids pictures.

We have laws that people cannot just take pictures of my kids.

So why would I not want to secure those pictures.

My phone is a Mobile device by definition.

And I don’t know how your life has been, but I’ve lost my phone.

Many times.

Sometimes its also broken.

Even my wallet.

Wallets are more important than phones yet even those I still loose.

So its a given that one day I will loose my phone again.

So will you.

Personal Security with Photo Vaults

Yes the Photo Vaults keeps your pictures secure.

But like every security measure it is only as good as you use it.

The absolutely worse thing you can do is setup the photo Vault without passwords.

It seems intuitive but its shocking how many people do this.

The second worst thing is to setup with the Same Password as your phone PIN.

If you ask me, that is not security.

I choose to keep my pictures on my phone, and so I also choose to protect them.

I use a Photo Vault with decent security.

Security pin that I choose to change at least once a year.

I also choose to keep copies of my pictures for the time when I will loose my phone.

Secret Photo Vault

Another step you can take to secure your pictures is a secret Vault.

This is a type of storage that doesn’t look at all like a vault.

There are many types and you will absolutely get even better protection.

Calculator Photo Vault

The Calculator Photo Vault is by far the most popular.

It has been around for many years now.

The age means that more and more people are familiar with Calculator Vaults.

It means more and more people look for them.

As a result of this familiarity there have been updates.

The very best Calculator Photo Vaults look and work Exactly like a true calculator.

There are many to choose from and they all work well.

Clock Photo Vault

Another type of hidden in plain sight Photo Vault is the Clock Vault.

Just like the Calculator Vault this looks and works just like a normal Clock.

But hidden in its depths is a vault for your pictures.