Project Triangle RPG Game

The Long awaited Triangle RPG Game is a Strategy Based Game released in May 2022 and has become an instant hit.

If you do not own or play on Nintendo Switch systems then you will be forgiven for not following this latest release.

I thought this was a sequel to Octopath Traveler mostly because it was the same developement team that created it.

In addition it is a very good RPG game out of Japan.

However while this is true it turns out that this is where the similarities end.

There are entirely new characters and the game itself has a different focus.

Both games are reminiscent of the Final Fantasy Games.

Turn Based RPG Games

The main shift from Octopath Traveler is that Project Triangle is entirely a Turn Based RPG Game.

There is still a great story line, just as there is in Octopath.

New Characters with an exciting range of skills and complimentary skills expands upon the battle complexity.

This game has truely focused on hard cord Tactical Strategy style games.

The level of control in setting up fast battle setting strategy is a favourite for sure.

Done right your team can attack from different sides of enemies.

This kind of strategy not only limits how the enemy attacks back but can allow you to protect chosen characters.

Triangle Story Line Path

All truely great RPG Strategy Games create a changing story line based on choices and paths that the team chooses.

The same is true here and they have taken it to new heights.

Instead of being affiliated to a specific king and country even that top level choice is yours to make.

In truth there is so much detail that it is easy for players to become engrossed in the game.

It has enough detail to become a virtual world for hard core players.

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