Retro Games with New PC Versions: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Mania – Sonic the Hedgehog is the latest PC version of a computer game originally put out by Sega that has been around for over thirty years.

The original Sonic  game debuted in 1991,

and since then, there have been an astonishing number of game versions and upgrades, children’s books, toys,

as well as a large range of other merchandise.

Animations of the characters have delighted fans since 1993, and there are dozens of different storylines that have been produced

There are comics featuring the Sonic characters, as well as movies and all kinds of other media,

making it one of the most popular and easily recognized characters of all time.

Now, the latest version of the game appears in Sonic Mania on Steam.

Sonic the Hedgehog History:

Originally, Sonic the Hedgehog was developed in Japan.

The hedgehog character  choose  because the designer showed several choices to random people in New York

and the hedgehog was the most well-liked of his selection of drawings.

Sega’s little blue character change his appearance many times over the years as different artists

depicted him in slightly different ways, but he is still always recognizable by the iconic blue quills on his head.

Through all his different looks, the essential character of Sonic the Hedgehog has remained the same –

loveable, brave, speedy, and unique.

Newest Version:

Sonic Mania is the newest Sonic game.

It is available on Steam for PC and is very popular.

This 2D version of Sonic is fast paced and fun, and it offers twelve new levels and new adventures for the iconic hedgehog character.

In this game, players can choose the character they want to play, and each character has some new abilities that they can use to level up.

Players try to beat the clock and complete tasks as fast as they can in order to collect golden rings and other tokens.