Retro Games with New PC Versions: XCOM: UFO Defense

XCOM UFO Defense are around in various versions since the mid-nineties, when it was known as X-COM. 

The game is all about being part of a group of elite fighters who are fighting against alien invasions of earth.

Since there are so many versions of the game, most people who are beginning to play the UFO Defense version

are already familiar with how this particular game works and have used the controls many times before.

All the XCOM games have been considered almost impossible to win, so players eventually lose to the aliens and have to try again.

For this reason, many people find the games frustrating and they lose interest in playing.

Retro Games UFO Defense Tips for Beginners:

Beginners to this game will find that the controls are not easy to figure out,

so a little bit of education before starting to play would be a good idea.

I would recommend that you either read the game’s instruction manual all the way through before starting play,

or at the very least watch a quick beginner’s guide on YouTube.

You will probably have to give up and restart your game multiple times just to get a feel for the game and get used to the actions.

There are a couple of good tutorials that will take you through the basic functions of each of the game’s control buttons

and show you what to expect when you’re using them.

General Reviews:

Most people who are fans of this kind of game genre please with UFO Defense.

One of the best things about this game is that it retains its nineties vibe,

complete with the rather primitive-looking graphics and action.

Another great thing about the UFO Defense game is that while it is difficult, 

it is still possible to win in this version of the game.

Many players say this is the best version of the game ever made.