Role Playing Games that we Love

Role Playing Games are some of the most complex programming challenges out there.

Why are Role Playing Games Loved so much ?

There are Three Main reasons that RPG’s are so beloved.

Role Playing Game Alternate Reality

I love these Games because its an escape from everyday drudgery.

Everyone has aspects of Real Life that are less pleasant that we wish.

When we feel down or depressed it is most often something in our Life.

Pickup your Phone and escape into another world.

It takes only minutes.

While immersed I forget everything that was bothering me.

Its as though I have a second life to live and its in my mind.

There is real power in this type of alternate reality.

What is life expect how and what we preceive ?

On top of that RPG developers have figured out how to trigger our pleasure receptors even virtually.

Many players report they have far more pleasure from virtual life than real life.

RPG Social Aspect

Most RPG games have aspects of the game that allow players to interact with others.

They really do not know these people at all.

Even still its very much a social interaction.

It has a strong level of anonymity so players can make social mistakes and easily move on without stigma.

There is real liberation to this sort of situation.

You can be as little or much involved Socially as you wish.

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