RPG Games

RPG Games are the hottest Mobile Device category on the Market with Thousands of Titles and millions of Fans. RPG = Role Playing Games.

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These Role Playing Games are also a massive money making business which means there is a ton of resources available in the market.

This has resulted in highly addictive and amazing games.

But how do they make this work ?

The Financial Success of RPG Games

40 Years ago the time available to Electronic Games was limited to the amount of time a player could be at their TV.

The Gaming Consoles needed the TV as their Display and ultimately this limited the average players available time.

Despite this Games were wildly popular and Profitable.

Today almost every person on the planet caries the gaming screen in their hip pocket.

Games are available at every 5 or 10 minute break or onset of boredom.

We are a society of instant and unrelenting stimulation.

This is an ideal market for RPG Games in particular.

Role Playing Games give the player many stimulation hits and paths.

Goals are endlessly available and able to be completed.

Team play enhances every game.

Financial Model for Role Playing Games Today

While to Technological change introduced with Smartphones has played a Key Role in the success of RGP Games that is not the major change.

Just as your Cell phone, Television Service, and Internet provider has learned in the past 20 years there is a new Financial Model.

This change has allowed companies to quite literally multiply their revenues by a factor of 10.

And customers have willingly paid this.

This model is Monthly charges.

As a society we look only at your immediate future and therefore we see only the monthly cost.

We do not look at the annual cost or at least not often.

While this sounds like a big negative for the consumer there is an upside.

I see many more updates on the Role Playing Games than in decades past.

The company has the resources to build bigger better games.

I get constantly updated games with exciting new features.

This sort of upgrades and changes costs money and the gaming companies are getting that money from us serious gamers.

The money is an expense but in truth I am still benefiting even further as a result of paying it.

Test and Try RPG Games

Every serious gamer knows that you must take your product for a test drive first.

In the past you had to buy the cartridge and open the cellophane in order to try it.

I tried it and I own it.

Too many times I bought games only to find out that they quite literally sucked.

But what were my options ?

Try at a friends house, but I never bought a game my friend already had.

I bought some, they bought others and we played from the pool.

It was the only way to control Costs.

From that perspective the current gaming monthly subscription is a massive benefit.

Every RPG game worth considering allows you to try out the free version.

Yes I hate that not all parts are available for free.

But it absolutely gives me a chance to try the game and kick the tires.

I now can break the cellophane and not pay anything except my time to try it.

Returns are free, lol

Simply remove that RPG Game from my phone.