SmartPhone RPG Games

Role Playing Games have always been popular but now with SmartPhone RPG Games online the market has simply exploded.

The amount of people playing and downloading RPC games is at a staggeringly high level.

The games being developed have never been better.

So why is this happening now, Why are Role players out in force ?

Subscription based SmartPhone RPG Games

Its mostly a matter of economics.

My favourite Role Playing Games had a free version.

I love this because it allows me to test drive the game.

I have found plenty of RPG Games that were just not to my liking.

I’m not saying they were bad, quite the contrary.

They were just not ones that excited me to play.

And lets be honest, RPG’s are looking to fuel excitement in their customers.

It is what ultimately moves us from a Free Test drive to the Monthly Prescription.

Oh, no.

I meant Subscription. lolol

Having a constant monthly income rolling into the bank is truely the fuel that ignites a truely great game.

Companies can only put as much time, effort, and money into a game as they can afford.

Some of the early RPG Games had and have a really great concept.

They fell flat because the company could not afford to make them great.

Smartphones can update games any time they want.

This means you can pay monthly and get constant upgrades.

As you progress thru the game they add more to it.

Its truely a win win situation.

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