Star Wars RPG Game

Star Wars RPG Games are still very popular even decades after the first movie was released.

The games have been created for every platform imaginable.

Gamers that love Star Wars also love the Star Wars Games.

Not all are RPG games.

The Star Wars RPG Games have some limitations tho.

Star Wars RPG’s and their Limits

Unlike most fantasy RPG games the story line for Star Wars games are preset.

Take the first three movies.

These provided and entire story line.

RPG games had to follow this story line to be popular.

At least for the most part.

Games that deviated were not nearly as well received.

Naturally this mean that future games were more likely to follow the movie story line.

While this was very limiting it was not a wall.

Programmers created the games on a plethora of platforms and sold millions.

While it was limiting there was a cure.

New and ongoing Star Wars movies

There is a seemingly never ending new series of star wars movies.

This has provided hard core Star Wars fans with a large quantity of story lines they love.

Gamers also are getting an ongoing sequence of new games.

These games are able to be true to the series and movies.

And still be fresh games to sell to the puritans.

With Mobile devices they can even provide updates and more content.

This has proven to be a huge path for success in RPG games.

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