Super Mario RPG Understanding the Roots

Super Mario RPG was fundamentally the grandfather to modern day RPG otherwise know as Role Playing Games.

This game has had its history tied up with Nintendo Game Consoles because that was the only path forward for Video Games back then.

For more than 2 decades companies cranked out games for these Consoles.

The easiest we card type games.

Poker, Solitaire, and 21 were big hits.

People could sit and ‘Veg-Out’ as it was called for minutes to hours.

This was also where developers started programing bigger and better RPG games.

With limited resources in the Gaming Console they were very simple to start.

Games could not be updated once released.

They also could not charge for monthly subsciptions nor for ‘items’ in game.

These limitations limited Revenues

Limited Revenues meant limited quality Games.

Hand Held Gaming Consoles

When these came out it was to fill a Need.

Parents were driving their kids back and forth to School and activities.

The growth in extracaricular activities meant parents in cars with their kids for a lot long times.

Buying them hand held gaming consoles was an instant hit.

Kids wanted them faster than they could be manufactured.

Companies loved it because they could suddenly sell the same games as they already had one more time.

Slight changes to account for the console differences were minor and very profitable.

Even Super Mario RPG was sold and resold to fit every gaming stationi.

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