Super Robot Wars RPG Games

The Role Playing Games Series Super Robot Wars continues to expand with the release of Super Robot Wars 30.

Super Robot Wars 30 was a special release of the wildly popular Japanese Robot Wars Franchise.

The Designator 30 is to mark the 30 years since the first release.

It also marks the first version that included a second language.

English as well as Japanese.

This was an indicator that the Developing Company Bandai Namco Entertainment has shifted to the International Market.

While the past 30 years have been amazing for Robot Wars in truth the company was missing a massive market.

Mobile Super Robot War Game

Like everyone else I’m wondering when Bandai Namco will build a Mobile Version of the Robot Wars Franchise.

Well my wait is likely to not be long.

There is a current Mobile version available for Phones and Tablets.

Where is it you ask ?

Well like you I was confused because I could not find it in my Play Store.

Perhaps its only available on Apple ?

Yes that’s right, I’m an Android Fan and always will be.

The answer is No, Super Robot war is not available on Apple Either.

So how can I say it released ?

Will like every other Version of Robot Wars it has been released Only in Japan.

For now.

The release of Robot Wars 30 is an indicator that the Mobile version in Japan will very soon be released internationally.

Super Robot War DD

The DD Version is Japanese Only and is in release now.

This allows the developer to test market response and adjust the game based on reviews.

Its a free method for Game testing.

This is smart as they want the international release to go well.

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