Tech Cleaning Mistakes

Computers and handheld devices get dirty – that\’s just inevitable, but a lot Tech Cleaning Mistakes may happen.

Cleaning our devices should be a part of our regular routines,

not only to remove bacteria and dirt from the device, but to extend the lifetime of the device for as long as possible.

There are a few rules that apply to computer cleaning, though,

and breaking those rules can leave your device permanently damaged.

Many people make some serious mistakes when they clean their PCs and devices,

and they regret those mistakes greatly.

Tech Cleaning Mistakes: Damaging Cleaning Errors with Liquids:

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to spray a harsh household cleaner directly on a device or a computer.

This can not only destroy the coatings on the screen,

but can allow liquid to seep through small spaces into the actual computer components, causing rust and corrosion.
In short, liquids are just really bad for electronics and should never be applied carelessly

or with the idea that they are harmless.

Damaging Cleaning Errors with Solids:

Another Tech Cleaning Mistakes is Using paper towel or old rags to clean any screen , it is not a good idea

as those things can leave minute scratches on the screen as well as failing to actually clean any of the dirt or grease off.

Likewise, you should never use a hard tool to scrape gunk or dirt out of crevices

because most computer cases and exterior components are made of plastic,

so using a screwdriver or knife point to clean it will cause damage.

use canned air cleaning computers and devices,

it is important to remember that it can cause harm if used incorrectly.
Canned air should always be used in short bursts, and you should never put the end of the nozzle into any vent or port,

as that can force condensation from the can into the computer components.

When you are cleaning any computer or device, always remember that these items are easily damaged,

so it is important to learn how to do it right.