Top 10 Video Conference Solutions

The Top 10 Video Conference Companies have all the features you can want.

Videoconferencing hardware usually consists of a one-piece audiovisual unit that can be connected to various devices.

These VOIP provider gives you high-quality audiovisual service.

They also have operating and technical support for the whole system. 

The advantage to a dedicated hardware system is that it is almost always more secure than a software program or an app.

The video and audio quality and synchronization are usually superior to both apps and software alone. 

Video Conference Call, Top 10 VOIP Solutions

The most popular Video Conferencing Hardware

The most popular hardware-based videoconferencing solution is Crestron Mercury VOIP.

Creston Mercury is in the Top 10 Video Conference Provider List.

Most customers give there products a high overall rating in ease-of-use, performance, versatility, and price. 

The Second in the Top 10 Video Conference list is Logitech Conference Cam.

The Logitech ConferenceCam Connect runs a close second, with their videoconferencing camera. 

The ConferenceCam is fairly small, works as a Bluetooth speakerphone, and has tons of other handy features. 

It connects to a PC using a USB cord, and when fully charged can deliver three hours of operation on battery power alone. 

Users rate this device highly, giving it good marks for both sound and video quality. 

The third-rated hardware-based videoconferencing solution is the HuddleCam HD 3X. 

This small camera is versatile, easy to use, and works best in small to medium-sized rooms. 

It can be paired with a speakerphone provided by the same company.

The newest version of the camera includes built-in microphones and speakerphone capabilities. 

Users rate this videoconference camera highly for its versatility and high-quality video. 

Using Video Conference Software

Videoconferencing software can be downloaded onto a PC or laptop, but whichever device you use, it must be equipped with a microphone, a headphone jack, and a camera. 

You can then download software that will allow you to create a videoconference with other users all over the world. 

Most software platforms support from two to at least fifty possible participants, although some go up as far as 100 simultaneous users. 


Video Conference Call, Top 10 VOIP Solutions

Skype is by far the most popular videoconferencing software worldwide, with over 663 million users. 

They offer free instant messaging between computers, free phone services, and free videochat services, but only between tow users. 

Those who want to use Skype for videoconferencing will need to sign up for Skype Premium or Skype for Business

This is very inexpensive but offers a good customer support service as well as many added features. 

The second on the Top 10 Video Conference List is Join.Me. offers good services for a decent price. 

Users can subscribe to the service and, for a minimal monthly fee, access Join.Me remotely from any internet access point. 

This app doesn’t require any downloads or plug-ins, as it works directly off the internet. 

Appear.In is a popular, easy-to-use free app that works well for teams of up to 8 people. 

All each team member needs is access to the internet, and this app will allow them to keep in touch through a browser. 

A paid subscription allows groups of up to 12 people to hold a videoconference. 


Zoom is an app with some impressive features. 

The free version allows you to include up to fifty people on your videoconference.

Paid version gives you the ability to hold a meeting with up to 500 people at once! 

The other features this app offers are just as impressive – it’s even easy on battery usage, so won’t drain your device’s power stores as fast as most other videoconferencing apps.

GoToMeeting is a great option for those who need to broadcast webinars as well as host videoconferences. 

This app offers great flexibility, but does take some education to use, as it can be somewhat complicated.

BlueJeans is not in our top 10 video conference List.

They are popular & can be used with all devices. 

The app is not free, but costs are low and it does offer great versatility for bigger numbers of users. 

It can bring up to 50 participants together in one conference call, so it is ideal for large group meetings. 

Pexip is a professional tool that is by far the most expensive reviewed here. 

It offers users the option of uploading pages as pdf files and showing them on your screen as though they are a slide presentation, and one of its best features is that it works with most types of conference room systems.