Types of CRM Systems

There are four basic types of CRM systems – Operational CRM, Analytical CRM, Strategic CRM, and Collaborative CRM.
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Operational CRM Systems

With all the different Types of CRM Systems the Operational CRM’s are the most common.

Operational CRM is focused on marketing and selling as well as service delivery.

It combines the three into a comprehensive whole that incorporates promotional products and services to attract new customers.

You also are able to reward and incentivise retain old customers.

A CRM System finds innovative ways to provide excellent service to customers.

Your CRM System allows you to constantly update customer information in the data base.

This type of CRM also keeps track of sales histories and payment methods used by customers.

Analytical Type of CRM Systems

The Analytical CRM is the second most Popular amoung Types of CRM Systems.

Analytical CRM is focused on the collection, storage, and interpretation of data.

CRM Systems allow your company to understand what selling approach works well with what type of customer.

Your CRM System shows how to customize your sales approach for different segments of their sales base.

Strategic CRM

Strategic CRM is focused entirely on the customer’s satisfaction with the goods and/or service that the company provides.

You will increase sales through understanding clearly what it is that the customer is looking for and providing that very thing in an efficient and timely manner.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM involves several different companies and/or businesses working together to build up and maintain a large customer base that perceives extra value in the connections between the businesses.

This can be accomplished through loyalty reward systems that award points at all the different businesses.

Points can be redeemed for an assortment of products or services from those businesses.

The CRM seamlessly interweaves different purposes of the various businesses and their customer bases.

This allows better customer service as well as the ability to reach more customers and potential customers through advertising.

Whichever approach your business takes to CRM systems and their management, you should always keep in mind that a CRM system is only as good as its user.

Proper management of whatever system you use is crucial.