Unusual Fitness Apps

Unusual Fitness Apps

Everywhere you look there are Unusual Fitness Apps that help you to get fit or stay fit.

There are apps that help you do yoga or core workouts or Pilates,

there are dance workouts and running apps and apps that track your workouts and fitness routines.

All of those apps are probably helpful as long as people actually use them consistently, but a lot of them aren’t really a lot of fun.

This fact inspired me to go on a search for fitness apps that are unusual, fun, and easy to use, and I found a couple of great ones.

Unusual Fitness Apps Running Apps:

On days you really don’t feel like running and can’t motivate yourself to pick up the pace,

Zombies, Run! might be just the app you need to make you run as though your life depends on it.

the premise of the game is that you have survived (so far!) the zombie apocalypse,

and you are tasked with completing certain mission objectives while running away from zombies. 

The story keeps you engaged and makes you run faster in some situations so the zombies don’t get you.

Those who have used the app say it is highly entertaining and fun to use, while keeping them running longer than they would have run otherwise.

Workout Apps:

If running is not your thing, why not try a workout app? 

There are dozens of different apps out there that instruct you through a workout,

but if you’d rather find something a bit more fun and entertaining than that,

and try something like Superhero Workout.

This app combines a workout with a game, and the purpose of the game is to save the world by wearing a mechanized suit.

As you complete missions and gain more weapons and shields in the game,

you will increase your fitness level in real life.

This game can monitor your workout, count your reps, and even tell you how many calories you’ve burned.