Video Conference – How to do it Right

Video Conference

The best Business innovations is the Video Conference.

The Video Conference is also called Video Link or Video Meeting.

Video Meetings are primarily used because they are so easy to use.

Their Virtual Nature eliminates travel time for a Meeting.

Businesses reduce employee costs and therefore save money.

Video meetings use both audio and video transmission.

This allows the users to view and hear each other.

Video Conference Origins

Conference technology was originally invented in the early 1930s.

They were used briefly in Germany during the late 1930s.

There was a version of this technology called the picture-phone which is obsolete now.

Picture-Phones allowed face-to-face conversations in the 1970s but were not good quality.

Quality issues resulted in the Picture-phone being a short-lived Product.

Today’s video conferencing has become the equivalent of face-to-face communication.

The major improvement today is conferencing with two or more parties.

Participants hold a virtual meeting while being far apart geographically.

The picture-phone only worked with two People.

Conference Software is better now because it is designed for many users at once.

Today’s video conference is successful because it relies on broadband internet for its speed.

Video Conferences use almost instantaneous transmission of both audio and video.

This is done with High speed video-compression techniques and powerful computers.

Required Equipment

Basic equipment is all that is required.

A Video camera or webcam, a Screen, microphone, and speakers are the basic components.

The core of Conference Systemsare a Host with a fast internet connection.

Most of the equipment involved has been available for many years.


It is codec that has transformed Video Conferencing Technology into Reality.

Older less sophisticated transmission methods were too slow for conferencing.

Codex transmits a conversation in real time and is widely used today.

Codex hardware & software digitally compresses the data efficiently.

This includes both video and audio streams.

Compression gives the impression of no delay in transmission speed.

Echo Suppression

Suppression Technology was a critical development for Conferencing.

Echo Suppression mades it work like a phone conversation.

Older Conference meetings had a confusing echo effect.

Every speaker would hear their own words coming back at them.

There were other audio glitches and feedback which made it hard to hear everyone.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation prevents this interference.

The 3 Video Conference Solutions

Business Video Conference

There are Three Primary Types of Video Conference Solutions today.

Dedicated Systems

Dedicated Systems use a console.

The Consoled were originally designed for large rooms.

Consoles can be installed in meeting rooms or individual offices.

Dedicated Systems are for businesses who use them a lot.

High use justifies the expense.

Smaller units can be used as portable consoles.

Today these small units are laptops.

These Laptops function perfectly as video conference sites.

Desktop System

The Next form of video conference setup is the desktop system.

Desktop Systems use dedicated hardware and software on an existing PC.

They are capable of easily hosting a video conference.

Small companies normally do not need dedicated hardware.

This is because they rarely host Conference Meetings.

Lower use of the Equipment doesn’t warrant the expense.

The desktop system can run into problems, though.

There are many different types of hardware and software.

Unfortunately they are not always compatible with each other.

When the Parts don’t work together the Conference Software will not work.

Platform Conference Systems

The last form of video conferencing and is the newest .

It is also the least hardware-reliant system.

You will not have to purchase dedicated equipment for it.

Web RTC platforms are accessed through your web browser directly.

You can use systems such as Adobe Connect or Bell Video Conferencing.

The person organizing the meeting sends you a URL and instructions.

The directions are simple and gives wasy access to the meeting.

You connect from anywhere in the world..

All you need is good internet access.

Video Conferencing Drawbacks

While video conferencing has many benefits, it also has its drawbacks.

The idea of holding a meeting with people all around the world sounds ideal.

Everyone can Talk and Brainstorm together.

The Conference can be easily derailed by something as simple as a software glitch or a hardware failure.

Even a temporary internet slowdown or power outage is a problem.

For the video conference to be a success all the parts have to function properly.

Those who have worked with computers know how difficult it can be to make that happen.

Taking a System Global just adds to the complexity with many offices separated by oceans.

Even when all the parts are working perfectly there will still be a delay in transmission.

The signal is compressed and travels great distances which takes time.

We have not yet achieved the ability to transmit the signals instantaneously.

The farther they have to travel the longer it takes.

Consider the Participants

Another drawback to the video conference is people.

Most people are at least slightly self-conscious in front of a camera.

This hinders their full participation in the meeting.

They do not like being on camera or being recorded.

Holding a video conference during business hours in one country has further complications.

It often means that someone on the other side of the globe is attending in the middle of the night.

This Time Lag reduces the effectiveness of their participation.

Eye Contact

Something as simple as eye contact can make the difference between a successful meeting and one that accomplishes very little.

True eye contact is impossible in a video conference.

Video conferencing is becoming more widely used in the context of people working from home.

They virtually “commute” to their offices via video conference calls.

This can be beneficial in many ways.

Company benefits by not having to expensive office space for the employee.

Employee benefits are not having to commute for hours every day.

Employees also can have less cars on the road.

Working remotely they still work and get everything done.

This trend is growing rapidly.

Fast growth is in densely populated cities.

In Cities employees need to work but can only afford to live far away.

Virtual Conference Innovations

One of the most recent innovative uses for video conferencing is the press conference.

Police Conference

A police force can call a video conference to announce the status of an ongoing investigation.

News Outlets from around the world attend the press conference virtually.

News Agencies can ask questions in real time.

They get answers and interpret body language immediately.

All evidence and documents are made public.

This is done without it ever leaving the Police Station.

Downside to Police Conference

The downside to this are things like the lack of ability to verify statements.

Reporters are not in the area so cannot examine documents.

With every newsroom in the world on the Conference means everyone will print the exact same story.

Now there is not one on-scene verification of facts.

Film Industry Conference

The film industry is also taking advantage of video conferencing every day.

They use it for everything from long-distance auditions to writing collaborations.

Video conferencing is used every day in the highly creative world of film making.

It allows worldwide collaborations to happen.

Without Conferencing is would be much harder and less efficient.

Songwriters, joke writers, artistic directors, and costume designers all benefit from the use of the video conference.

All are doing so in greater numbers all the time and the results warrant this shift.

Banking and Finance

High finance has not been slow to use video conferencing.

Virtual conferences involving bankers worldwide are everyday occurrences.

High Finance all over the world is moving at a much faster pace.

Video conferencing allows business to move quickly.

The banking systems reflect this in their bottom line results.

Resource Industries

High-tech industries such as oil and gas, mining, and ranches use video conferencing daily.

They are able to speed up decision making, transactions, and financial planning.

Consulting an expert has become much easier and faster.

One benefit of video conferencing is talking to your Customers Directly.

Remote worksites routinely use video conferencing.

This allows then to keep in touch with supervisors.

Worksite Supervisors can troubleshoot problems and plan future operations.

It is no longer necessary for world leaders to travel in order to meet face to face.

They discuss everything from political solutions to diplomatic problems in a Video Meeting.

Eventually they may only meet for photo-ops.

This will save the taxpayers a huge amount of money in travel costs.

Top Ten VOIP

There are many video conferencing solutions available.

It is difficult to choose one that will suit your specific needs exactly.

Some people need all the features in the world regardless of the costs.

Prudent business owners only need basic services for a good price.

Most of us fall somewhere in between.

We want good features that suit our needs.

Reliable service is a Must have.

All of this for a reasonable price.

When you’re deciding which service you want it pays to take your time.

It pays to understand how each system works.

Each offer different advantages and disadvantages.


Video Conference Security Risks

Security cannot be stressed enough.

Almost half of all business meetings discuss proprietary topics.

This information is transmitted over the internet.

The transmission security is of paramount importance.

There are ways to increase the security level of your transmissions.

For the best results  everyone must follow all these steps.

Security Steps Needed

Everyone must be aware of the security rules and how to follow them.

Users creating their own  URLs will create a security problem.

Everyone working together results in good Security.

Never take for granted that your meeting is totally private.

Video conferences recorded and transmitted by the company have poor security.

As technology evolves video conferencing is becoming less expensive.

With more businesses offering Conference Services it is very easily accessed.

Benefit to the Hearing Impaired

There is great potential for allowing the hearing impaired with the use of Conferencing..

They now call friends to speak using sign language because its so easy.

This alone gives them greater freedom in who they can call.

Video conferencing has become widely used in medical, educational, and media settings as well.

There may come a time when everyone stay home and only communicate remotely because its so easy.

Only time will tell if that is a good thing.

By Lawrence