Videoconferencing in Education

One of the fields of endeavor most positively influenced by widespread use of videoconferencing is education.

Using videoconference technology, students can now learn more and better things from more and better teachers than ever in history, perhaps.

The Virual Class Room

Today’s virtual classrooms allow students to take “field trips” to places they would never actually be able to see, and explore parts of the world that would never be accessible by them in real life.

Modern students can attend historical events in real time, while never leaving home.

Science students can watch experiments done in real time, ask questions, and follow along in their own labs.

Budding chefs can see live cooking demos in order to learn culinary skills and techniques.

Teacher efficiency

One teacher can teach in a dozen classrooms at once and answer questions from any one of them.

Those same twelve classrooms can set up a study group that allows them to continue learning together, even if they are in different countries, or even on different continents.

A teacher can arrange for a guest lecturer to give a talk to his/her class from thousands of miles away.

This gives them the advantage of knowledge they may never have obtained otherwise.

Students were once so isolated geographically that their education suffered from simple lack of access to large schools and all the wonderful things they can offer.

You can now attend those schools in real time, participating in everything that the class does, barring perhaps the teenage flirtations.


One of the advantages videoconferencing can offer is the gift of contemporary information.

The use of textbooks is rapidly becoming obsolete due to the rapidity with which we learn new information about almost everything.

Learning via the internet and videoconferencing allows students to be exposed to the most contemporary information available, as well as theories that have not yet been proven.

The future of videoconferencing in education looks brighter every day.