WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG

The Dungeon & Dragons classic game WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay has gone Mobile.

Yes, you heard it right.

You can now go to the Google Play Store and download War Hammer.

As a Die Hard fan I know War Hammer to be called WFRP

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

The Developers have enjoyed a very dedicated following on the PC and laptop market.

While they continue to work on these platforms the truth is that until now they were missing out on the Mobile Market.

Warhammer Mobile

The largest challenge I have seen on Role Playing Games is when they move to Mobile platforms.

The screen is always smaller.

Smaller screens mean you can only see a fraction of the original games.

It also means that the detail is less.

Overall it is less breath taking visual effects.

This is unavoidable.

The connection is always WIFI or cell tower.

This is also unavoidable as they is not now nor likely ever be a phone with a cat5 connector.

This means the connection is slower.


However once 5G and after that 6G come out and your device is compatible you will have SPEED.

Speed enough to rival the original games.

Mobile Comparison

The Mobile versions of big RPG games are never going to be exactly as good as the originals.

Is this an issue ?

Not in my mind.

Having the originals makes and keeps them as ‘The Classics’.

Mobile is new and shiny

there is a ton more money in this venue and the game developers must come alone of die off.

Soon the mobile games will eclipse the original classics in complexity and game play.

With the massively increased revenues there is a budget to keep improving and updating.

Updates are a true innovation that mobile devices enjoy.

Find WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay games in your Mobile Game Store now.

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