Why Is Data Storage Important?

Data Storage is often overlooked in terms of its importance until you loose that Data.

Throughout human history, people have kept records of important events, local customs, medical remedies, and recipes.

Generally speaking we want access to the sum of human knowledge as is exists.

Data Storage Challenges

The biggest challenge to today’s data storage is simply the amount we store.

In times past Photographs were only every printed at the photography stores.

Movies and video was only created on film rolls and stored in our basements.

Today the average person has no less than 1000 pictures stored digitally.

In times past our entire data storage needs was about the same as 10 or 20 pictures today.

Ancient Data

Some of these records have lasted for thousands of years, but we must assume that the vast majority of it has vanished.

Modern man has no hope of ever seeing those lost records again.

Some type of writing has existed on earth for at least the last five thousand years, as far as is currently known.

Using records kept over this time we can gain at least some knowledge of human history.

The sum total of human knowledge today is stored on millions of computers around the world.

Everything from the top secret documents of most governments to your browsing history is stored somewhere on a computer.

Once stored on a computer you can therefore access it if the necessity arises.

What would happen, though if that data was lost?

Your browsing history disappearing would have little or no effect on your life.

Loosing our current medical research, our recent written and photographic history would be terrible.

Even all that other data that our computers keep safe for us would be catastrophic.

Electronic Data

The data you store on your computer may be on a much smaller scale, but losing it all would probably be no less catastrophic for you.

Storing your data safely and updating your storage methods when necessary is essential.

Create a backup of your computer files on a writable CD, upload files to the cloud.

Use an external hard drive to store your data and make sure on a regular basis that you update all the information.

Check your backups to be sure they are working properly and files have not been compromised in any way.

Make sure that you store physical backup methods in a safe place that is not the same place as your computer.

If you had a house fire your computer can be destroyed in the fire.

If you backup was in the house it wouldn’t help because both would be lost.

It is fine to have a backup copy near your computer in case you need to wipe the hard drive and reinstall all the files.

You also need to have a second copy of your data someplace that is physically far away from the computer.

Cloud storage is ideal for this part of data storage, since you can retrieve your data from anywhere, using only a password.

Future Data Storage

Data storage evolves over time into more efficient, higher volume, more compact devices.

Transfer your data to new formats once those formats are largely replacing the methods you are using.

It would be a mistake to switch over to the latest fad at great trouble and expense to find out that it is quickly gone.

Flash in the Pan methods will disappear from the market within a couple of years.

Make sure that the new storage methods will be around for a long time.

New methods also need to work well and meet your data storage needs.

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Business Data

For business owners it is essential to your company to develop a plan tfor data backups regularly.

The Backups need to store data in a way that is as secure as possible.

You may need to consider encryption software for client information.

Encryption allows data to be stored safely if you are using physical backups.

Physical methods include CDs or DVDs, or cloud storage.

Make sure you’ve stored sensitive data as carefully as possible to prevent unauthorized access.

Develop security measures & upgrade your secure storage methods along with that to maintain the security level.

It depends on how many employees you have, but you will need to appoint a Data Team.

The Team is responsible for updating backups on a predetermined schedule.

They also need to research and updating storage methods and devices on an as-needed basis.

Assign a team members to to think of ways to access the company’s data without authorization is a good exercise.

Your Team will catch gaps in the cyber security system that might otherwise not be noticed.


Safe and secure data storage is a vital part of working with and on computers.

We have a huge volume of knowledge in our world but it can disappear with the push of a button.

Much of our knowledge of human history comes from the writings of those who came before us.

Let us make sure that those who come after us will have the same opportunity.

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